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TEENAHMA is a Sport in which two players or two teams send using the hands a small red ball respecting a certain number of important rules.
Generally, we define SPORT as a practical Physical activity for hygienic, play or competition; TEENAHMA is not only a physical activity, but also an arena in which youths from 7 to 77 years can develop their mentality and to have a positive conception about things.

It is going to be a big means of communication, expression, hobbies, education and fight against some social ills. It is for these reasons that we consider TEENAHMA as the New vision of sport and subjectively as the sport of the 21 st century. We already imagine the question that will lingers on the lips of some sportsmen: "What does TEENAHMA has more than the other Sports?".

The answer to this question can be found in the ( PHYSICAL or MORAL) practice of this Sport. It suffices to understand the rules in order to know the importance of this New Sport for the present and future generations.

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By making a comparison to the synthesis of Mathematical Equations, I define TEENAHMA as a lineal Combination of several Equations resulting to an Equation in which the solution is re-education of the youth and well-being of humanity.

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