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Historic of TEENAHMA
1979 / 80 is the academic year in which I made my first lessons in Lecture, Writing and Drawing. When my father gave me my first Slate, he told me that it is going to help me to form letters, figures, numbers, words, phrases, drawings and to carry out Arithmetical calculations. The first five days in School, I respected his advices very seriously. The following week, I tried to overcome my timidity by regularly joining to the youths who were having fun during break time. I discover that some pupils were heading during each break time toward the schoolyard with their slates in their hands. With these Slates that they were holding in their hands, they were sending in a disorder manner a small spherical object. That object could be a Guava, a Lime or a small ball etc. What interested me must in that Game is the Joy and Solidarity that reigned among this Kids. My passion for this game without rules and the will to get out of loneliness forced me to join these kids. Together, we practiced during break, after classes, on the street or in the house during weekend. Three weeks later, i made the following propositions to my friends: « Guys, let’s put poles and place the ball on the floor before playing with our slate ». Unanimously, they all accepted my proposition and that is how we were practising it during each break. In less than a week, this new option spread everywhere in our campus and in many school in town in the course of the same year. In the following year, I discovered that the youths had given a name to this Sport: TAPE – TAPE. In class III in primary school, I made a second proposal to my friends: « instead of placing the ball on the floor, we must now play the ball in the air without it touching the floor. » It is from this Fundamental rule that TAPE – TAPE II is born. We practiced it right up to Class V. In class VI, we drew on the floor a rectangle of about (10*20) m2 separated into two by a parallel line on the width of the rectangle the ball that we were using was fabricated from rubber. We elaborated some rules for this sport and the name was TAIR (combination of TERRE and AIR).
In the secondary school, we have stopped using Slate as infrastructure because it was no longer used in the secondary school. We have known another sport with the same appellation like the ball with which the youths were practising: TICE. This sport was practiced in many schools and many District of the town. Our hands had conveniently replaced the Slate and the rules varied from one place to another. In some District for example, the player was sending the ball directly into the opposite camp where as in certain areas on the contrary, the server was sending the ball into his camp before it takes the direction of the opposite camp. Some matches where ending at 06 points where as other were ending at 11 points.
In the Second cycle, Most students refuse to practice this sport with the pretext that their school program was over charged or that they had “grown up” Despite these numerous reticence’s, I didn’t stop practising this sport that many people considered as little known and less important. I have spent must of my time to this sport. Where as some person were treating me as a megalomaniac, the lovers of this sport considered me as the best «TICER » of the World. Some Rivals invited me for a challenge in order to discover the best TICE player of the town. I organised regularly tournaments and challenges between great players. The winner obtained at times very big sum of money or balls (TICES). After having travelled to many towns of my country, I discovered that the youth of these towns were practising it as well as in my town. These travels and remarks have changed my way of conceiving this sport. I decided to create another sports a bit complicated so that there is a different between that of my town and the others. With my Friends and other lovers of these new sports (REBOND, ANO I, ANO II), I equally organised tournaments and Challenges between players. The youths were more interested in REBOUND because it was beautiful and very spectacular. As for the others (ANO I and ANO II), They were rarely practiced because they were more complicated than REBOUND.

On the 03 / 08 /1995, I made a retrospect of all the sports I have practiced with my friend since I was four years of age. With lot of reflections and spontaneity, I imagined a sport that would give birth from the synthesis of the ten sports above: TEENAHMA.

Since the 03 / 08 / 1995 till today, I work on the rules and principles of this sport by taking into account many types of problems. (Especially social problems) that we can come across on the earth planet. I will not be finished without remaining you that it was the object of many modifications at the levels of rules and physiognomy.

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