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Everywhere that TEENAHMA will be practice, red will be the obligatory colour of the ball because this red colour was not chosen at random; This incarnates the unique colour of the human blood.

The Ball:  

The Ball of TEENAHMA is Spherical and fabricated from rubber. He has a diameter of about 8 cm. Each player must pay attention to the rebounds because the ball is fabricated in such away that after a rebound on a plane and solid surface, it will rise to a higher height.

To better master this ball, the player must regularly practice a technique called « AGAINST – SOIL »; this technique consist of anticipating the interception of the ball after Rebound. This is to say that after ball has touched the soil, you must send it back to the opposite camp by keeping your hand very close to the soil especially avoiding that the ball should rise above 5 cm in the air for it risk to be dangerous for you.

 NB:To each reaction, the ball must touch the soil at least and at most one time.

Player' Uniform :
Coercitive Uniform
(Courte Manche):
Coercitive Uniform
(Long Sleeves):

A light shoe represents a very big advantage for the player of TEENAHMA for it will permit him not only to move easily on the field but also to carry out with a lot of capabilities certain physical exercises. This shoe must be of good quality if not, physical movements carry out by
the player will destroy the shoe in a very short time. The player must make sure that the shoe he puts on must be convenient because a small or a big shoe will disturb your movements and this will enable your opponent to win easily must of the encounters that you will engage in. You must equally verify that your shoe lace is well attached for the later could not only disturb you during your movement but can also cause a fatal wound in your career.

 NB: If your shoe is very slippery, It will cause you serious problems.

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