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EXTREMAB or MAB is the big Rectangle that the player must not exceed in the course of an Action. It measures about (27*12) m2.
EXTREMAR or MAR is the second big rectangle of about (24*10) m2 that the ball must not exceed. It is surrounded by EXTREMAB.

The DISCIPLINED IS A SQUARE of sides 1m in which a player must positioned him self in order to make an Action. In effect, DISCIPLINED incarnates respect of rules of TEENAHMA by each Player or TEENAHMA lover…


AESTHETIC is the sky blue surface between EXTREMAR and EXTREMAB. It symbolises the beautiful spectacle that the Actors on the field will offer to all the Spectators …


PHYSIQUE is the green surface on the left of the Indecent. It incarnates physical faculties of the player …


MORALE is the yellow surface on the right of the Indecent. It incarnates good morals of each player and by extension good morals of which each human must respect…


INDECENT is the small red surface between the PHYSIQUE and the MORALE. It incarnates all the negative acts that we will have to avoid all the times…

TRANSPARENT is a transparent plate of 12 m wide and 0,30 m high separating the UNIVERSE into two equal parts. It incarnates the transparency of each COERCITIVE and by extension the transparency or impartiality of any person susceptible of judging or refereeing a different opposing two person or groups…
REFRACTOR is a semi-cylindrical bar above the TRANSPARENT. It incarnates the different traps that a player will use to dominate his opponent. …

MODÉRATOR is a lightly transparent rope situated at 1,5 above the field of play…

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