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The players of TEENAHMA will regularly use the following terms.

  • UNIVERSE: It is the field of TEENAHMA.
  • ACTION: It is the act of sending a ball in the opposite camp; It's equally the phase during which a player or team try to obtain a " PLUS " at the detriment of the opposite team.
  • REACTION: It is the act of sending back by a player of a ball that he has just received from the opposite camp.
  • INDECENT ACTION OR REACTION : It is the sending or sending back of the ball in the small red surface.
  • PHYSICAL ACTION or REACTION : It is the sending or the sending back of the ball in the green surface.
  • MORAL ACTION or RÉACTION: It is the sending or the sending back of the ball in the yellow surface.
  • EMPAUMATION: It is the first Reaction in the course of an Action
  • PLUS: It is the check unit.
  • HEPTA: Group of seven actions.
  • STOP: Stage of a match; it goes from 0 to 30 "PLUS".
  • CONFIRMATION: STAGE OF 15 " plus " that allows the separation of two players or two teams in the case where the victory would be RELATIVE (A victory is said to be Relative when a player or a team win in "PLUS" and another in STOPS or when the two teams have the same numbers of "Stops" and "PLUS").
  • 02 STOPS: Match of two thirties' stages PLUS.
  • 06 STOPS: Match of six STOPS.
  • 10 STOPS: Match of ten STOPS.
  • POUATTO'S REVERSE: Technique that consists to play with a lot of experience the ball by the reverse of the Hand.
  • ROCKET: Ball sending at a very high speed.
  • UNHANDLE CUTLASS: Technique according to which a player sends back the ball with rapidity and lot of tricks by keeping the palm of the hand in the position " face to the sky".
  • INFERNAL CUT: It is a ball that a player send back with a lot of subtlety in such a way that after having rebound in the opposite camp come back automatically to the opposite camp.
  • OPTICAL ILLUSION: We talk of Optical illusion when a player thinks that a ball will land on a point in his camp where as the ball will instead land at a symmetrically opposed point. ( LEFT-RIGHT, IN FRONT-BEHIND).
  • CAT PARADE: It is an extraordinary dive accomplish by a player to save the ball that according to must of the spectators were almost lost. TO PASS by the WINDOW: It is the sending or sending back of a ball out of the EXTREMAR.
  • TO BE CRAFTY: It is the fact of caring the ball.
  • CARRY the BALL: Is to keep it for more than half a second.
  • CHALLENGES THE WORLD: Send the ball simultaneously with two hands.
  • TO BE BELOW THE LAW: It is the sending of the ball on the transparent and it will not be able to reach the opposite camp.
  • LOOK FOR WAR: It is to covet the action of the opponent.
  • TO BE INDECENT: It is the act of not respecting the PROPRIETY RULE.
  • TO SQUATTER: Is to smash the limits or go out of the EXTREMAB.
  • THE DOG TACTIC: It is the courage that each player must exhale even in the case of Physical or Moral weakness to impress his opponent.
  • VIOLENCE: It is a technical Fault that consist to make an Action by keeping the hand in a different position to that stated by the law: exp. Make an Action with the palm of the hand face to the soil.
  • TALION: Mistake consisting of sending back the ball we have just received on the Indecent.
  • APTACTION: It is an Action made by a player or a team in such a way that his opponent couldn't send back the ball correctly. POUATTACTION: It is an Action without Reaction from the opponent.
  • POUATTACTOR : It is a Physical or Moral Practice of TEENAHMA.
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